UNI-Cloud API 1.1

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Please beware that the documentation is still in Alpha!


To retrieve large lists of resources, the API uses pagination to split the results into multiple pages. The number of results per page is limited to reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred.

To navigate to different pages of the results, use the page parameter in the request. The page number is 1-based, so to retrieve the first page of results, use page=1, the second page page=2, and so on.

By default, the API returns 20 results per page. To change the number of results per page, use the per_page parameter. The maximum value for per_page is 100.

The API includes the X-Pagination header in the response. The header contains the following information about the current page of results,

Header Information
  • totaluint

    The total number of resources available.
  • countuint

    The number of resources in the current page.
  • per_pageuint

    The number of resources per page.
  • current_pageuint

    The current page number.
  • total_pagesuint

    The total number of pages.
1linkHTTP/1.1 200 Ok

2linkContent-Type: application/json

3linkX-Pagination: total=200, count=50, per_page=50, current_page=2, total_pages=4



6link ...data